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I have a server application that forks several child processes. When showing the processes with ps, top or prstat they display exactly like the parent process. I can find out which is parent and child by their pid and ppid but it gets quickly difficult. I would like to change slightly the name of the child processes so that I can look quickly which does what.

I tried several tricks that all work flawlesly on Linux, but they do not on Solaris. Does anyone know how it is possible to do that and preferably in plain C.

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One of the ways would be to create a real executable program for a child process and call one of the exec methods from the fork.

This way the forked process will be "replaced" with the new executable file.

Something along these lines:

  pid_t child_pid = fork( );

  switch ( child_pid )
  case -1:
    die( );

  case 0:
    // setup argv ...
    static const char* argv[] =

    execv( *argv, (char**) argv );
    // No code should be executed beyond this point

      "%s fork: execv failed: %d (%s)\n",
      argv[ 0 ],
      strerror( errno )

    die( );
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Good idea, but unfortunately this would make the whole thing quite complicated as I actively use the COW feature of the process data. I have huge memory maps (around 4 Gb) that are shared between the processes and using execv would force me to redo all the mappings. Doable but quite a lot of work. –  Patrick Schlüter Jan 23 '12 at 20:54

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