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A quickie question for the experts,

I am producing a collaboration site letting users add stickies with text and move them around the screen. I have a database file storing text and coordinates (PHP/MySql) done through ajax and jquery/jquery UI. I am having some issues with getting the data out of the database and looping back into the page.

The data is looped into a div class (with x and y as attributes) and I am using a loop to get the x and y back and trying to apply them to the CSS. I have alerted out and I am getting the data, but I seem to have a problem applying it. I knew this project was going to well....thanks for your time.

here is what I am trying in code:

Basic PHP loop:


$get_textsticky_query = "SELECT * FROM textsticky 
                        WHERE user_id = $current_id 
                       AND project_id=$user_project_id";


echo '<div class="textsticky" x="'.$row['textsticky_x'].'" y="'.$row['textsticky_y'].'"><div class="textstickyvalueholder" contentEditable="true" textstickyid="'. $row['textsticky_id'] .'">'. $row['textsticky_text'] .'</div><button>Like</button></div>';


Trying to apply to CSS with jquery:


 //store x, y from looped php
 var x = $(this).attr("x");
 var y = $(this).attr("y");

 //assign looped php to css

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You should use the prefix data- (data-x='value' and data-y='value') to your custom attributes according to w3c. –  The Alpha Jan 23 '12 at 16:17

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To move the object around within the parent container, you need to set positoon: relative; within the css of .textsticky.

To move the object around the entire screen, you need to set position: absolute;.

Without changing the position property, the left and top values will do nothing.

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the position was set to absolute. The strange thing about this code is it does work in a prototype I built but not here. –  ChrisSherwood Jan 23 '12 at 16:07
@sherwoodbear that's odd. The absolute positioning allows the object to move anywhere, you dont use a child element so I'm not sure why your code would not work outside the prototype. Not without seeing the entire code. –  Brian Graham Jan 23 '12 at 16:09
its strange gonna try my prototype code within my main development work. Hopefully it will spring out at me! thanks 4 the input –  ChrisSherwood Jan 23 '12 at 16:16
      $x = $row['textsticky_x'];
      $y = $row['textsticky_y'];
      echo '<div class="textsticky" style="left:'.$x.'px; top:'.$y.'px;" textstickyid="'.     
      $row['textsticky_id'] .'"><div class="textstickyvalueholder" contentEditable="true">'.  
      $row['textsticky_text'] .'</div><button>Like</button></div>';

I can use looped PHP with x and y set within the div and returned to a results div with ajax, rather than setting x and y it with javascript, a simpler solution in hindsight.

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here's your jquery solution! =)

check out my fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/4mgVC/


<div class="textsticky" data-x=50 data-y=50></div>
<div class="textsticky" data-x=100 data-y=100></div>
<div class="textsticky" data-x=150 data-y=150></div>​





 //assign looped php coordinates to css

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