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I have a spring mvc app that I want to refactor out, speficially removing the spring related code and wiring.

It is a simple spring mvc at this point, so the key things I have to do our dependancy injection.

My application.xml has wirings for my Dao objects, injecting the datasource into my Dao objects.

How can I use a spring agnostic DI now? What do I have to change? I want to use guice unless you guys recommend otherwise


<bean id="userDao" class="com.blah.dao.UserDaoImpl">
 <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource" />

What do you suggest I use to setup my datasource and connection pooling now?

The actual page/url mapping is specific to if I choose servlets or a jetty handler.

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You can use the standard annotation @Inject for dependency injection. Both Spring and Guice support it.

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