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I am trying to find the number of likes a particular URL has across Facebook. Normally this could be found by using the REST API or through a FQL query. Now, these figures seem to be reporting inaccurate figures. How can an accurate total for likes, comments and shares be found for a particular URL?

Reference Facebook Post (63 likes):

Facebook Graph API (62 Likes):

Facebook REST API (7 likes):

Facebook FQL API (7 likes):

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The REST API is deprecated anyways so you should not use it at all. Only use the Graph API for your Apps. – Björn Kaiser Jan 23 '12 at 16:37

Please Note:Facebook is deprecating the REST API It would be better to choose Graph API/FQL methods.

It would be better to use FQL method,,%20normalized_url,%20share_count,%20like_count,%20comment_count,%20total_count,commentsbox_count,%20comments_fbid,%20click_count%20FROM%20link_stat%20WHERE%20url=''

And this would return,

   "data": [
         "url": "",
         "normalized_url": "",
         "share_count": 4989540,
         "like_count": 1317162,
         "comment_count": 1684401,
         "total_count": 7991103,
         "commentsbox_count": 807,
         "comments_fbid": 396269740024,
         "click_count": 265614
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Here is a solution I found by searching on google. So far I have been using it on 3 of my sites and they are doing just great.

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