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I've got a multi-stage online questionnaire form, and I use a _gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/Form_Stage_XX']) code to register form's stages destinations (the "XX"s stand for actual stage numbers).

I also set up the URL-destination Goals based on pages /Form_Stage_XX (same as in _gaq.push).

Now in the Site content -> Pages report I can see the visits of /Form_Stage_XX registered as expected, but the related Goals won't get reached.

Any ideas why is this?
Many thanks.

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Please do check your goals configuration in the Profile Settings - > Goals Page to see if the URL is set to the same as /Form_Stage_XX and also if the Match Type is set to Exact Match. I would also recommend using the Match Type: Regular Expression with .*\Form_Stage_XX as the parameter.

You should be able to see if your goals are beign tracked as expected in the Conversions - > Goals Report.

One more thing is that form goals are usually better tracked as a Funnel Conversion, so you can track the flow from each step and thus visualize where visitors are leaving your form.

You can find more information in this great video lesson, made by Google

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