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I'm having a problem with the :focus attribute being recognized within my HTML file saved on my local drive. I've entered the HTML and CSS in jsFiddle here and the :focus attribute works just fine as seen in this image link here:

enter image description here

Basically, what I am trying to show in the image is that I am within the Attorney Name text field, so that is where the :focus attribute should be applied, which is successfully shown by a blue border around the text field. What I am also trying to show here is that there is a light blue border around the Jail Address button that seems to be IE's default :focus attribute.

When opening the HTML file saved on my local drive, the :focus attribute that I want to apply to the Attorney Name field is lost, as shown in this image link here:

enter image description here

Instead, the Attorney Name field is highlighted with the default IE :focus attribute. Can anyone help troubleshoot why my :focus is seen correctly in jsFiddle, but not on my local HTML file and how I might fix this issue? I am testing this on IE8 and IE9.

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Is the CSS defined in a separate file? Is that CSS file being loaded when the HTML is loaded from the local hard drive?

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Yes, the CSS is a separate file (seen in the CSS portion of the jsFiddle I linked) and is loaded in the HTML page by the line <link rel="stylesheet" Href="Slate.css" Type="text/css">. – raphnguyen Jan 23 '12 at 17:24
Which versions of IE? Oh, I see that now. Just a second, let me look at this. – Daniel Kauffman Jan 23 '12 at 17:26
Is this relevent?… – Daniel Kauffman Jan 23 '12 at 17:29
Sorry, let me clarify: The first answer at the link discusses IE compatibility modes, that is, the browser sometimes behaves as if it were an older version. In IE, I believe the focus selector is not supported until IE9, so IE7 or IE8 compatibility modes would lose the effect. – Daniel Kauffman Jan 23 '12 at 17:38
You can use javascript to emulate the focus selector. This page might point you in the right direction: – Daniel Kauffman Jan 23 '12 at 17:53

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