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I have the following hierarchy:






so each AccountCatagory has AccountTypes, each AccountType has AccountGroups...

Which needs to be loaded in to a tree view:

I need to load everything when the account category is loaded and I wrote it like this:

   public IQueryable<AccountCatagory> GetAccountCatagories()
    return this.ObjectContext.AccountCatagories.Include("AccountTypes");

Which works fine but only loads AccountTypes. within each AccountCatagory.

Writing an Include on each of the entities GetQuery doesn’t work.

How do I tell RIA services to Include entity when the Included entity also has an include/entity to load?

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Here is an example of the way I got mine to work, assuming that all of your foreign keys are set up properly and the proper changes have been made in the metadata file of your Domain Service:

return ObjectContext.Users.Include("AccessRole")

I have never tried including objects with so many subtypes, but I assume this may work:

return this.ObjectContext.AccountCatagories.Include("AccountTypes")
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Thanks it works!! –  mill Jan 24 '12 at 15:09
Glad to hear it! –  Chris Jan 24 '12 at 15:47

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