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I am having trouble obtaining and organizing private repos. I am using API V3 with this method: http://share.jjnford.com/HhIZ

I am using the jQuery.getJSON command and passing my OAuth2 access token to the API URL but am only getting public repositories returns.

Also if I fork a private organization repository to a user account (context) and pull the users repositories all the repos (public & private) show up except the private repo forked from an organization.

Can anybody help me out with this... it is my last hurdle...

Thanks in advance!

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I have found the problem and corrected it. According the the GitHub API V3 there are multiple scopes that can be used. It seems the the "user" scope is not valid anymore. Once I used just the "repo" scope everything was retrieved correctly (private org repos, and private forked org repos).

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The doc you're linking to says 'user' is a valid scope. Do you actually know why your changes worked or are you just guessing that the docs are wrong? –  mikemaccana Feb 20 '14 at 12:08

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