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For reference, please visit this page here. When trying to get a view display on one particular model, I am getting an undefined index error. Specifically, any data from my Coupon model. Here is my controller code:

public function seafood() {

        'order' => 'RAND()',
                    'id', 'user_name'),


$data = $this->paginate('Restaurant');
$this->set('seafood', $data);

when I debug($seafood) in my view, all data for Coupon shows, so I know it is correctly pulling data and associating it with my Restaurant model. However, when I create a foreach loop with my $seafood array, I get nothing but undefined index errors for anything Coupon-related. What's weird is that I also have my controller pulling from the User model and anything I call up from that model in the view gets rendered. Here is my view code:

 <?php foreach ($seafood as $res) { ?>
        .....irrelevant code.....
 <p><?php if($res['Coupon']['description'] !=''){
        echo $this->Text->truncate($res['Coupon']['description'], 200, array('ending'=>'...', 'exact'=>false) );
        else echo 'Sorry, a description of this restaurant\'s promotion is not available.  <br><br><br>';
         ?><a href="<?php echo $res['Restaurant']['website']; ?>"><em> (read more -->)</em></a></p>
    <br />
    <a href="<?php echo $res['Restaurant']['website']; ?>" id="specials"><span style="margin-left:36px;">Promo Code:&nbsp;&nbsp;<span style="font-style:bold; color:#FF0000;"><?php echo $res['User']['user_name']; ?></span></span></a>
    <a href=" " id="print"><span style="margin-left:24px;">Print</span></a>
<?php } ?>
   ......more irrelevant code.....

I have tried removing the containable behavior from the array but the results are the same. I should point out that when the debug array prints, it goes in order: Restaurant, User, Coupon. Is cake somehow losing the Coupon array because it is 3rd? Or is my view code just screwy?

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Looks like Restaurant hasMany Coupon so Coupon is an indexed array. You'll need a nested for loop.

foreach ($seafood as $res) {
    foreach ($res['Coupon'] as $coupon) {
        if($coupon['description'] !=''){
            //do stuff
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That was it, thank you! Now I actually understand a little more about cakephp and programming in general. Thanks very much! – huzzah Jan 23 '12 at 18:36

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