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I'm looking for method that will allow me to update axis when my script is running but, I couldn't find it. For example:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

x = (1,2)
y = (1,2)

plt.plot(x,y, 'r-')

#here during run of program I want to clear axis with help of plt.cla() and update it 
#new one

# x = (2,4)
# y = (2,4)
#plt.plot(x,y, 'b-')
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To get the functionality you want you probably want to set matplotlib to interactive mode:


Then call draw to update. For example:

import numpy
import time
x = (1,2)
y = (1,2)
plt.plot(x,y, 'r-')

for i in range(100):
   print i
   y = (numpy.random.normal(), numpy.random.normal())
   plt.plot(x,y, 'r-')
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