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Im trying to copy the contents of a subdirectory, excluding asubdirectory in this subdirectory. However, the /x option gives an error, which I cannot explain. Here my nsis scrpit line :

File /r "..\myDir" /x "..\myDir\.svn"

If I omit the /x part, the script line is accepted and compiled without problems. With the /x option I get an error that there is an error ... and no more information.

Whats wrong with the above script line?

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Your parameters are in the wrong order, the include filespec is always the last parameter. The /x switch is not documented to take anything other than file/directory names, the best you can do is: File /r /x .svn "..\myDir"

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Thank you, it was exactly the order. Maybe the nsis documentation about this should spent one line more also. –  HeinrichStack Jan 24 '12 at 8:42
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