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I have a struct like this:

struct MESGE
     TEXT db 'Message',0
     mLen db 8

And I need to send it to a proc, which will show line on a screen:

proc OutMes, pMESG:MESGE

  push 0
  push chrsWritten
  push [pMESG.mLen]
  push [pMESG.TEXT]
  push [hStdOut]
  call [WriteConsoleA]


How can I do this? If I use MESGE type in parameter, then fasm reports an error. If I use a dword type (to send MESGE as ptr) I don't know, how to retrieve members of this struct (actually, they can be retrieved by offset's but I don't like this method - if there are many members in struct, constructions will be so complicated)

At MASM it can be done like this:

ShowMessage PROC hMes: dword
mov ebx,hMes
assume ebx:ptr MESG

But at FASM construction

assume ebx:ptr MESG
assume ebx:[ptr MESG]

Reported as error. How can I do this?

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Actually retrieving by offset is the standard way. Maybe there's some workaroud with labels though –  BlackBear Jan 23 '12 at 18:30
Actually, I'm looking for such workarounds –  Ivan Jan 23 '12 at 18:39
hmm, can't really help then –  BlackBear Jan 23 '12 at 18:51
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Perhaps you are looking for the virtual directive:

struct MESGE
        TEXT db 'Message',0
        mLen dd 8

        mov     ebx,pMESGE
        call    OutMes

virtual at ebx
        oMESGE MESGE
end virtual

proc OutMes
        push 0
        push dummy
        push [oMESGE.mLen]
        lea  eax,[oMESGE.TEXT]
        push eax
        push [hout]
        call [WriteConsoleA]


dummy   rd 1
hout    rd 1
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I was really what I looked for –  Ivan Jan 23 '12 at 19:33
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