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I have AIR application that i have created. One of my customers wants me to give him a CD that will automatically install the application with computer that has no AIR runtime installed.

How can i create an automatic installer that can install the AIR runtime and my AIR application easily?

Thanks in advance, Lior

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With AIR 3 you can create an installer using Captive Runtime, which makes it so that your app no longer has a dependency to the AIR runtime. That will probable be your easiest best option. More info

Additionally, you could sign up for a redistribution license of Adobe AIR which gives you permission to do that. Along with that, I believe they offer instructions on how do a headless/invisible install of the AIR runtime. Then you'll have to create your own installer which will perform the headless AIR install along with your own AIR app.

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+1 for Captive Runtime. It does significantly increase file size but on a CD that shouldn't matter. –  NoobsArePeople2 Jan 23 '12 at 19:50

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