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I have a simple web mobile app that is calculating values in given fields. I've been trying to save the values on the local host in the browser and haven't had any luck. I am using jQuery to save the values, but somehow it doesn't work.

    $(document).ready(function() {
$('#field_wc').val(localStorage.getItem('wc') );
$('#field_tax').val(localStorage.getItem('tax') );
$('#field_sui').val( localStorage.getItem('sui') );
$('#field_o').val( localStorage.getItem('o') );
$('#field_fp').val( localStorage.getItem('fp') );
$('#field_misc').val( localStorage.getItem('misc') );
$('#field_t').val( localStorage.getItem('t') );


    $('#field_tax').keyup(function() {
$('#field_wc').val( localStorage.setItem('wc') );
$('#field_tax').val( localStorage.setItem('tax') );
$('#field_sui').val( localStorage.setItem('sui') );
$('#field_o').val( localStorage.setItem('o') );
$('#field_fp').val( localStorage.setItem('fp') );
$('#field_misc').val( localStorage.setItem('misc') );
$('#field_t').val( localStorage.setItem('t') );

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your setItem syntax is off localStorage.setItem(key, value) –  MikeM Jan 23 '12 at 18:37

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$(document).ready(function() { 
    fields = ['wc', 'tax', 'sui', 'o', 'fp', 'misc', 't'];

  for(key in fields) { 
    (function (){
        name = fields[key],
        field = $('#field_' + name)
          .val(localStorage.getItem(name) || '')
          .on('keyup', function() {
            localStorage.setItem(name, field.val());

Hi! I optimized your script and fixed a few other problems with it: http://jsfiddle.net/q78d8/4/

  • Using locally scoped variables to store the jQuery objects in is the biggest performance improvement. In your original script you made jQuery create those over and over again, for every keyup event fired
  • I think you wanted to bind each input to the "Save" function, but realize, you don't have to update values which haven't changed! If the user updated #field_tax, only save that value
  • Remember you can Chain jQuery methods
  • I used a little trick here, where I know that the return value of each chain, would still be the jQuery object I originally selected, so I could store the object in the same line in which I assigned a keyup handler on it & filled the value with what was in the localstorage
  • I wrapped the whole thing in a for loop, and an self-invoking function, to create an easy-to-do-maintenance-on script

Edit -- I left out that you used setItem incorrectly, since others already told you.

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Thanks for the great solution!! It works like a charm! –  user1078259 Jan 23 '12 at 23:32
I did encountered another problem where all the values seem to be in local storage when I refresh the browser, but when a inspect them in the console and check the value they come as undefined. Once I change one of the files and run a calculation they seem to get defined. –  user1078259 Jan 25 '12 at 12:14
Fixed it for you, I added || '', which changes undefined into an empty string. –  Luuk van Egeraat Jan 25 '12 at 14:29
I tried and it still doesn't work. I might have issues with the rest of my java script. here is the link to the site myswitcharoo.com/m/appv2.1.html . The idea is to do auto calculations on the main page and keep the settings in localstorage. –  user1078259 Jan 25 '12 at 18:53

As mdmullinax said, your setItem syntax is the problem. Also, you may want to abstract those calls, as well as checking that the key yet exists. Here's the basic abstraction layer I use; I also namespace my keys to avoid clashes between different scripts. The isJSON argument is optional, depending if I want to get back a stored JSON string, or have a stored JSON string converted back to an object for me. Also, your keyup should be inside of document ready, and (assuming you're using the latest jQuery [1.7.1]), you'd probably want to use .on() instead of .keyup()

$(document).ready(function() {

    var namespace = 'user1078259';

    storage = {
        check: function (key) {
            key = storage.nsKey(key);
            return localStorage.hasOwnProperty(key);

        nsKey: function (key) {
            return namespace + '_' + key;

        read: function (key, isJSON) {
            key = storage.nsKey(key);
            return isJSON || 0 ? JSON.parse(storage.read(key)) : localStorage.getItem(key);

        store: function (key, valueToStore, isJSON) {
            key = storage.nsKey(key);
            localStorage.setItem(key, isJSON || 0 ? JSON.stringify(valueToStore) : valueToStore);

    $('#field_wc').val(storage.check ? storage.read('wc') : '')
    $('#field_tax').val(storage.check ? storage.read('tax') : '')
    $('#field_sui').val(storage.check ? storage.read('sui') : '')
    // and so on...

    $('#field_tax').on('keyup', function() {
        storage.store('wc', $('#field_wc').val());
        storage.store('tax', $('#field_wc').val());
        storage.store('sui', $('#field_wc').val());
        // and so on...


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It appears your issue is that you're using the localStorage.setItem API incorrectly. You need both a key and a value to store.

Here's a localStorage primer:

// set
localStorage.setItem('blah', 'blahblah')

// check if it is set

// check how many items are stored

// another way to get the item 

// remove the item

Here's a Fiddle with a tiny library I wrote for show and tell purposes. It allows objects or strings to be added to localstore via JSON.parse and stringify.

Hit 'run' a few times and the output should look like:

blah is not set. setting to blahblah
blah is set to blahblah
blah is not set. setting to blahblah
blah is set to blahblah
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