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Is there any method to populate a dataGridView on a form from another class? The functions I use to connect and run queries to the DB are in a class, but I want the results to be showed in the main form. How can I do this?

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Set the methods that you want to access as public. If the class is in another project, you may have to add a reference to it in your current project.

Once the method is public, do something like this:

datagridview.DataSource = yourClass.GetData();
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Yes. As long as the other class has public methods that let you access the data you need

So, the simplest example would be something like this:

  // this assumes the other class method is a static method  
  datagridview1.cells[0].value = otherClass.GetStringData();

Also check these detailed, closely related answers out:

How to access form objects from another cs file in C#

How to access form methods and controls from a class in C#?

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