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I've tried about 2 dozen different variations of this and all roads lead to a result that looks like the IF is being completely ignored. Thoughts?

function checkthebox(name,val){
    alert(name + val)
    if(val === 'no');{ 
        alert('The value is ' + val +' for ' + name);
        $('input[name='+name+']').attr('checked', false).button("refresh"); 
    if(val === 'yes');{ alert('The value is ' + val +' for ' + name);
        $('input[name='+name+']').attr('checked', true).button("refresh"); 
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 if(val === 'no');{ 

should be

 if(val === 'no') { 
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+1; same problem is on the yes statement too. Good eye. –  vcsjones Jan 23 '12 at 18:49
Thank you guys! - I was convinced I had a ' where I needed a " or vice versa. –  ChadM Jan 23 '12 at 18:52

You have semicolons before the {

Semicolons mark the end of an instruction, your brackets then just create a new block.

Your if should look like:

if (val==='yes'){
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I seen the extra semi's too, I went and tested it out, the conditionals still work even with the ';' http://writecodeonline.com/javascript/

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