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I am developing an interface between Arduino microcontroller and Scilab (analogue of MATLAB) simulation environment. How I see it:

A graphical block representing Arduino in Scilab. It will have 6 analogue and 14 digital inputs on the left side of the block and 14 digital outputs on the right side.

The interface that should be developed which:

  1. gets output values from physical Arduino and assigns to the outputs of the graphical block in Scilab;
  2. gets inputs from graphical block and assigns them to the inputs of the physical Arduino.

Could anyone give me ideas how I could do it?

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I'm not sure that xcos can be used to interface to a real, physical system (an Arduino in this case). Is that what you are wanting to do or are you looking at a way to simulate an Arduino? – Matthew Murdoch Jan 23 '12 at 20:54
Both. Simulate by interfacing – user1165574 Jan 23 '12 at 23:49

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There's an atoms for Arduino Communication through Serial :

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Arduion communicate with serial port; SciLab have serial port tool, you need to establish the link between them. In Arduino-MATLAB communication some code need to be in Arduino memory before the communication start so the same would be between Arduion-SciLab.

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