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I have a spreadsheet with 2 columns of data, column A and B, and column C where I'm looking for the formula.

row    A      B       C
 1     50
 5            56      6
 8     46            10
 11           64     18

As you can see, a row either contains a value or not. In column C, I'm looking to calculate the difference between

a) the value in column B and the value in column A's first non-empty cell directly above (so for example, at row 5, I calculate the difference between B5 and A1 56 - 50 = 6) if the value of B is a number and

b) the value in column A and the value in column B's first non-empty cell directly above (row 8, 56 - 46 = 10)

and put nothing if neither column A and B are empty.

I've been struggling with "first non-empty cell" to write an R1C1 formula. Note that I know I can do this in VBA but I'm looking for the R1C1 formula.

Thanks for your help.

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Here is an array formula (that you need to validate with Ctrl + Shift + Enter) you can put in C1 and drag and drop till the end of your data:


Or, in a french version of Excel:


Note that if you feel interested, you can commit into Stackoverflow in french

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Perhaps try this formula in C2 copied down


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