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I'm using Jquery UI to allow the user to resize a div with a video player in it. This is a excerpt of the code:

<script type="text/javascript">
  containment: "#content",
  minHeight: $('#content').height(),
  maxWidth: ($('#content').width() / 1.3)


<div id="stream">
<!-- Flash video player stuff -->

This works as expected when the page is rendered. The problem is when I trigger an event that changes the contents of the "#stream" div with:

#('#stream').html(<--!Code for another video player-->);

After doing this the resize controls disappear and even if I invoke $("#stream").resize() again is does not seem to work.

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to use some sort of work around?

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The widget will still operate under the parameters you specified on creation, even if #content itself changes. You can either completely destroy the widget and recreate it:

    containment: "#content",
    minHeight: $("#content").height(),
    maxWidth: $("#content").width() / 1.3

Or, less intrusively, use the option method to update its operating parameters:

$("#stream").resizable("option", {
    minHeight: $("#content").height(),
    maxWidth: $("#content").width() / 1.3
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Thanks, that completely solved it :) – skkeeper Jan 23 '12 at 19:43

You can add additional element in #stream eg

<div id="stream"><div class="cnt"></div></div>

and update content by calling

$('#stream div.cnt').html(<--!Code for another video player-->);
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