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So I was looking for what amounts to an answer to this question, I suppose. I'd like to be able to force audio output to be mono. It seems like it would be easy if I could get direct access tot he raw stream, but if most of the time I'm going to be trying to play a supported format, I think that would be unnecessarily cumbersome. Is there a way to do something like add a custom AudioEffect that would just take the output channels and mix them down?

I suppose if anyone has a different suggestion on how to force mono output, I'd be happy to see that, but I think the general question would be relevant for anyone else who has a different particular application.

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I don't know anything about mixing or Audio Engineering, but check out this link. That whole page contains TONS of information about reading audio directly from the hardware mic, but that method in particular allows you to have access to the raw byte output from the mic, which you can save to a buffer and edit how you please!

Best of luck, and I hope I helped!!

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This is all related to audio from the microphone, recording and such. Ideally, I'd find a way to create my own effect which allows me to perform some byte operations on the audio output to headphones. It doesn't seem recommended, but I'm wondering if maybe there's a way to subclass AudioEffect to do that. –  Paul Jan 25 '12 at 21:28

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