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How can I display a certain HTML code in a php generated page.

For example, php will automatically display the name and category of an item, yet I want to add custom pictures to this generated page. Is there any way to do this without creating a separate HTML page to include into the generated page?

I'm hoping for something like a database entry where to add the html part to display. Is it possible?

ps. Sorry if I didn't express my idea in a completely understandable way.

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How is the PHP generating the rest of the page? Is this in something like wordpress or something? Is this your code or are you modifying other code? – Ktash Jan 23 '12 at 20:53
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Store the image URLs just like you are storing the names and categories. Then you would just do something like:

<span id="name"><?= $name ?></span>
<span id="category"><?= $category ?></span>
<img src="<?= $image ?>" />

Maybe you need to clarify - why do you need different HTML for each page, if the only thing changing are the images?

Keep in mind here I use <?= $foo ?> which is generally considered bad practice, and is just shorthand for <?php echo $foo; ?>.

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Just wrap the PHP in your HTML:

<h1>My Test</h1>
<?= $myCategory; ?> - <?= $myItem; ?>
<img src ="mySource" alt="myImg" width="15" height="15" />

This also works for your HTML in your Database:

<p><?= $myDatabaseHTMLContent ?></p>

Cheers, Max

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  //Your php code 
   <img src="" />
   //Your php code 

You can put html in a php file, like the example above.

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