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I created a cell array in Octave. Some columns contain floats, and some columns contain strings. I am able to sort the cell array by a column of strings (say col #4), using this command:

sortrows (mycellarray, 4);

But if the column I want to sort by is a column of floats, then I get this error message:

error: sort: only cell arrays of character strings may be sorted

Anyone know how to sort a cell array, by a column of floats?

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Convert the column with float values to a vector, sort it and get the sorting index. Then you can apply this index to your cell array.

mycellarray = {'a',1,0.5; 'b',2,0.1; 'c',3,4.5; 'd',4,-3.2};
[~,idx] = sort(vector2sort)
mycellarraysorted = mycellarray(idx,:);
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Update: In my version of Octave, the 'tilde' operator is not defined. This is the code that worked for me: vector2sort=mycellarray(:,3); [dummy,idx] = sort(vector2sort); mycellarraysorted = mycellarray(idx,:); – moondog Jan 23 '12 at 23:00

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