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I'm working a small drupal site, and I'm trying to pull and push changes from my local Windows box to a remote shared hosting account on HostGator (linux). I have installed the git bash on my machine, and setup passwordless login within the Git Bash. That seems to work fine.

Here's my command:

git clone "ssh://"

Here's the complete response:

Cloning into public_html...
error: git upload-pack: git-pack-objects died with error.
remote: Counting objects: 3330, done.fatal: git upload-pack: aborting due to possible     repository corruption on the remote side.

remote: fatal: unable to create thread: Resource temporarily unavailable
remote: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side.
fatal: early EOF
fatal: index-pack failed

Here's what I've tried:

Last login: Mon Jan 23 14:38:07 2012 from xxxx
[]$ cd public_html
[]$ git fsck

I've also tried deleting the local and remote git repos, doing another git init and commiting everything fresh. I still get the same error when trying to clone the repo to my machine.

Why can't I clone (or pull) from the remote site? How do I fix this issue?

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StackExchange eventually taught me that git ran out of memory. (sorry I lost the original answer!). I was able it to fix the error by sshing to the remote machine and running these commands:

git config --global pack.windowMemory "100m"
git config --global pack.SizeLimit "100m"
git config --global pack.threads "1" 

This does seem to slow down git, but at least it works on my shared hosting account! I think that the key is the threads bit, but I'm not sure.

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You might want to take a loot at url1 and url2

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Thanks vpatil! I'm having hard time digging through these threads, but I'm not sure that's my problem. I found my answer somewhere else on stack exchange and I'm posting it below. – Rustavore Mar 1 '12 at 17:11

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