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I have a dynamic class, which has an array declared normally, before runtime.

Usually, you can dynamically access a variable, whether it has been declared or not with

myClass["variable"] = 4;

however, trying to do this with an array, like so

myClass["array[0]"] = 4;

does not store 4 into the first element of array, and instead stores it into the variable "array[0]".

For instance, after executing the previous code,


traces undefined, where as


traces 4.

Is there anyway I can access the elements of the array dynamically?

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Don't think of it as evaluating a String. It's still just a chain of properties.

So the practical answer to your question is:

var o:Object = {};
o["array"] = [];   //we do have to insantiate the array first
o["array"][0] = 4;
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Thanks - that does what I want. –  natpat Jan 23 '12 at 22:12

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