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I was trying the answer given here > Using XAMPP, how do i swap out PHP 5.3 for PHP 5.2? Was gonna comment there, but apparently the commentbox is closed.

So I open a new question. I was succesful to the part of running http://localhost. But when I open phpmyadmin or my web applcation, it shows as if my mySQL is not running.

While in fact, it is currently running. I can't run a new mysql bat too.

So what is the problem? Was going to coonsider WampServer but it would be a bit of mess to transfer the database again..

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What happens when you try to run mysql.exe? –  SOliver Jan 24 '12 at 2:23
Hmm... okay, it is fixed now. Perhaps it is just me and my stupidity. Thanks! –  deathlock Jan 24 '12 at 23:52

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I found something elsewhere on the web indicating the need to put libmysql.dll (from the php install dir) into the bin directory of my apache install (in my case, c:\xampp\apache\bin). This sorted it out for me.

This may have been because I downgraded php using a zipped version of 5.2.17, and an installer would have worked in some other case (though not this one due to differences between the xampp installer and the php MSI installer).

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Thanks for the answer! Should be noted for future references in case something weird happen again. –  deathlock Oct 24 '12 at 21:12
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Solved this by running stop_mysql.bat twice, then run the new start_mysql.bat. I'm not sure why but this solves the problem.

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