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So as I have learned since this post: How to stretch a text field relative to data width in Jasper Reports it is not possible to stretch the width of text fields. So I am trying to establish now whether it is possible to embed static text within a text field?

I need to achieve a scenario something like this:

"You're current employer [non-fixed width text] will contact you soon."

Can anyone suggest a way to do this in Jasper? I'm all out of ideas.

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You want a single Text Field with a value like this:

"Your current employer, " + $F{Employer} + ", will contact you soon."

Or alternatively, something like this:

msg("Your current employer, {0}, will contact you soon.", $F{Employer})

There are other possibilities... but those are the most common. In short, it's common.

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Awesmone thx :) – travega Jan 23 '12 at 23:19

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