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I am trying to code an emailer that emails customers of a company.

What happens is when the field businessname is blank, the salutation and the second name should be used in its place instead.

The problem I am having is I dont think I am using the correct syntax to join the two strings, it is supposed to output something like 'Mr Jones' , but I am just getting a syntax error so I think it is probably my shoddy coding, I have not been doing php very long so i'm not very good.

if ($businessname == '')
    $name = $row->salutation & $row->surname;
    $name = $row->businessname;

echo $name;
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You shouldn't really get a syntax error with the above code, although it won't do what you expect it to. You should probably have a good read of the manual section on strings.

Regardless, the string concatenation operator in PHP is . - so the syntax for what you want to do is:

if ($businessname == '') {
  $name = $row->salutation.$row->surname;
} else {
  $name = $row->businessname;
echo $name;

You can do this more simply using a ternary expression:

$name = ($businessname == '') ? $row->salutation.$row->surname : $row->businessname;
echo $name;

If you need to insert a space between the variables, you would just do this:

$row->salutation.' '.$row->surname

FYI, what your original code did was a bitwise AND between the two variables.

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Hi, thanks for your help, the top one works but ends up with MrJones instead of Mr Jones (no space), do I need to use . . for a space ? – Iain Simpson Jan 23 '12 at 22:59
See the last little code section of my answer. You would need to concatenate three strings - the first string, then a string containing a space (' '), then the last string. – DaveRandom Jan 23 '12 at 23:03
Ahh yes, I just worked it out before I came here after trying different options, thanks :) – Iain Simpson Jan 23 '12 at 23:04

If you want to concatenate strings you have to use '.'

$m1 = 'Hello';
$m2 = 'World';
$test = $m1.' '.$m2;

You should look at that for more examples :

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