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Is it possible to pass parameters via redirect? I tried a lot of options, but nothing seems to work. My latest approach is:

return $this->redirect(array('Users::helloworld', 'args' => array('id' => 'myId')));

then I created a route:

Router::connect('/Users/helloworld?id={:id}', array('controller' => 'Users', 'action' => 'helloworld'));

but all I get is users/helloworld/myId

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args is part of the routes and will be converted into an URL using the very generic route (not the one you created and don't require)

To get a query string, simply use the ? key:

return $this->redirect(array(
    '?' => array('id' => $myId)
// will use the route:
//    /{:controller}/{:action}/{:args}
// and generate
//    /users/helloworld?id=$myId

The test for that: https://github.com/UnionOfRAD/lithium/blob/master/tests/cases/net/http/RouteTest.php#L374-405

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Instead of defining a separate route to pass arguments, you could just do the following. Lets say you want to pass 2 arguments: $arg1 & $arg2 to the helloworld action of your Users controller:

return $this->redirect(array(
'args' => array(
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