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I have four dynamically generated tables, and each has a cell where I calculate the sum of cells in that column - like this:

  <td id="sum1"></td>
  <td id="sum2"></td>
  <td id="sum3"></td>
  <td id="sum4"></td>

The way I calculate these sums is through a SWITCH statement, depending on what users select from a drop down:

  <select id="switch_options">
     <option value="1">Option1</option>
     <option value="2">Option2</option>
     <option value="3">Option3</option>
     <option value="4">Option4</option>

As users select different options from the drop-down and enter some additional data into a text field, I am building the tables above dynamically and I calculated the sum like this:

     case "1":
      //generate table1

      $( '#table1> tbody:last' )
        .append( "<tr><td>" + data.food_name + "</td>" + "<td class=amount>"
          + data.food_amount + "</td>" + "<td>" + data.food_serving + "</td>" 
          + "<td>" + data.protein + "</td>" + "<td>" + data.fats + "</td>" 
          + "<td>" + data.carbs + "</td>" + "<td>" + data.sugar + "</td>" 
          + "<td class=cal_bk>" + calories + "</td>" 
          + "<td><img class=delete src=images/del.jpg /></td></tr>" )
        .fadeIn( 'slow' );      

     //Calculate totals for table1
        function calculateSumbk() {
            // iterate through 'cal' cells in each row:
            $("td.cal_bk").each(function() {
                bk_sum += parseInt($(this).text());

     case "2":
      //generate table2, etc.        

I have a separate table where I'd like to calculate the grand totals of all the other tables, in a cell like this:

    <td id="totals"></td>

Problem is I don't seem to find an easy way to do it - the fact that I calculate the totals for each table under it's corresponding switch statement seems to be in the way.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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OK, problem solved, I used JQuery Calculation plugin and it works great. –  Cucurigu Jan 31 '12 at 0:44
For the benefit of other people reading this question in the future, please can you add your own solution to the question. (It's okay to answer your own question.) –  Richie Cotton May 3 '12 at 11:43

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