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In my html I have this code:

<div class="selfclear">
      <h3><a id="lnkName" href="/dir/subdir/?id=577">Name</a></h3>
                       Street name, 3  <br />3222 City<br />Phone. : 0202 777 876 

I want to replace the phone number depending on the id passed to the url within the tag using Jquery.

So far I was able to get the id doing so:

function getID(){
    var a = $('#lnkName').attr('href').split('=');
    var id= a[1];

and the content of with :

function print_Address(){
    var div = $('#lnkName');
    if (!div.length) return;
    var adress = $('#lnkName').parent().siblings('address').html();
    adress.replace( '/Phone : .*/', '/Phone : 777' );
    var newtel = $('#lnkName').parent().siblings('address').html( adress );

The problem is with replacing function as the print_Address() just print me the content of address but does not load the new content

Thanks for your help

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Is there any reason why you can't wrap the phone number in its own tag, e.g. <span id="phone">? This makes the whole process much, much simpler. – nrabinowitz Jan 24 '12 at 0:44
Agree with the above, much simpler way to do it. – GreenWebDev Jan 24 '12 at 0:55

you would like to replace 777 with the id number from the href?

If so can you not just do the following?

    $(function() {
        var a = $('#lnkName').attr('href').split('=');
        var id= a[1];
<div class="selfclear">
    <h3><a id="lnkName" href="/dir/subdir/?id=577">Name</a></h3>
    <address>Street name, 3  <br />3222 City<br />Phone. : 0202 <span id="phone-number">777</span> 876</address>
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First order of business: Stop looking up the same things over and over again.

var div = $('#lnkName');

if (!div.length) return;

var address = div.parent().siblings('address');
var addressText = address.html();
addressText.replace( '/Phone : .*/', '/Phone : 777' );
address.html( addressText ).show('slow', function(){});

Second, I don't think your Regexp is matching what you wanted to match. Notice that your original text says "Phone. :" Just stick the phone number into a span or div with a class. It'll help you here, but it'll help even more if/when you get around to testing your code.

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You have problem with the this line:

adress.replace( '/Phone : .*/', '/Phone : 777' )
  1. there is a dot left after 'Phone' in your html
  2. the string to be replace should not be prefixed with backslash '/'.

Check the workable demo at

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thanks your code works great but my friend just changed his html code for:<div class="selfclear"> <h4>Name</h4> <address> Street name, 3 <br />3222 City<br />Phone. : 0202 777 876 </address> </div> and passed the id thru the url I could get the get vars but $('#lnkName').parent().siblings('address').html( adress ); doesnt work anymore... any idea? – breteuil Feb 12 '12 at 15:20

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