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Android lets you add a Javascript Interface, that will let you use "window.interfacename.myfunction()" to call a function in the Java program.

Is there any similar feature that allows a PyGTK with embedded webkit browser to have similar functionality, to call a specific Python function from Javascript?

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You can do it in C using the JavaScriptCore library that comes with WebKit. I don't know any examples in PyGTK, but I assume that JavaScriptCore is available through GObject Introspection.

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It looks like there is a Python module to access JS from Python, but not the other way round: eikke.com/tag/javascriptcore –  NoBugs Jan 24 '12 at 18:55
try from gi.repository import JSCore in Python? –  ptomato Jan 24 '12 at 22:16
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I ended up adding a handler for special urls. I overrode the webkit with:

webview.connect("navigation-policy-decision-requested", self.webkitGo)

where self.webkitGo is the name of the function: def webkitGo(self, view, frame, net_req, nav_act, pol_dec):

In this function, you can receive the url data from net_req.get_uri() and decide what to do with it, and return true to not do the default behavior.

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