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I'm developing websites using Now, I'm interested in developing a website using dotnetnuke. Big question is:

When using dotnetnuke do I have to develop model for every little thing that is gonna be part of site content (for instance text form and button , datetimepicker, datagrid showing some data from database)?

As far as I can see you can add content like text, images and video using control panel of dotnet nuke but what if I want to put Image gallery that is using jquery, or just div element containing few controls.

Ps: when I create new website usign dotnetnuke control panel, where can I find html code of that site (is it possible to edit it in visual studio). I'm able to open whole dotnetnuke website and run it but I can see only Default.aspx.

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In short, yes and no.

You can put HTML and jquery code into a variety of the modules that come with DotNetNuke, primarily the HTML module.

You can also "code" things using the Razor Host module if you want to add custom functionality to a page that isn't easily done with HTML or jquery.

The HTML code for a DNN site is stored in a database, depending on the module you use on a page that code could be in any number of database tables.

I would recommend taking a look at some of the "basic" webinars on our training page they will get you a general overview of things, and how you do development within the platform.

Also check out the Wiki for more specific development questions and tutorials.

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