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I am specifically trying to read data from an SNMP port in python using the PySNMP library. I am interested in getting data only through this library. This is because I am making a move from NetSNMP to PySNMP.

This is the working code I had for NetSNMP that actually gives me the data from the port

import netsnmp as snmp

infoSet = snmp.Varbind('')
infoGet = snmp.snmpget(infoSet, Version = 1, DestHost = 'localhost', Community = "public")

print infoGet

These 3 lines of code return me the actual reading from that port and I am trying to get the same data from PySNMP and this is the code so far

from pysnmp.entity.rfc3413.oneliner import cmdgen

errorIndication, errorStatus, errorIndex, varBinds = cmdgen.CommandGenerator().getCmd(

cmdgen.CommunityData('my-agent', 'public', 0),
cmdgen.UdpTransportTarget(('localhost', 161)),

print varBinds[0][0]

This is printing the SNMP address and I am trying to get past this stage where I can get the actual reading for the port mentioned above and I am not sure how to. I am finding it hard to follow through the documentation.

Any help would be appreciated.


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The varBinds is a list of tuples. Each tuple holds a OID-value pair.

>>> print varBinds
[(ObjectName(, OctetString('Example Command Responder'))]
>>> print varBinds[0]
(ObjectName(, OctetString('Example Command Responder'))
>>> print varBinds[0][0]
>>> print varBinds[0][1]
Example Command Responder

So if all you need is a value, then

>>> print varBinds[0][1]

might help.

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