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I have a matlab file that takes in a file. I would like to run that program in the matlab shell, such as prog. I need to implement it so that it takes a number of arguments, such as "prog filename.txt 1 2 which would mean that i can use filename.txt and 1 2 as variables in my program.

Thank you!

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What have you tried? What do you have so far? Edit your question with the answers. – Jan 24 '12 at 2:53

In order to make a script accept arguments from the command line, you must first turn it into a function that will get the arguments you want, i.e if your script is named prog.m, put as the first line

function []=prog(arg1, arg2)

and add an end at the end (assuming that the file has only one function). It's very important that you call the function the same name as the file.

The next thing is that you need to make sure that the script file is located at the same place from where you call the script, or it's located at the Matlab working path, otherwise it'll not be able to recognize your script.

Finally, to execute the script you use

matlab -r "prog arg1 arg2"

which is equivalent to calling


from inside Matlab.

*- tested in Windows and Linux environments

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