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I installed phpbb forum in my website. But there is lot of spam topics and spam post in it right now.

I went through many googling and found out that if I install a captcha module then I could prevent spam. But is there anyway I could remove spam which is already in the forum database now? I mean without using delete for each post/topic.

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In phpbb admin, goto admin tab "USERS AND GROUPS", then under "User security" click prune users. Under the prune users text box is a select member link which will popup a member list. Under the member name(spammer) click select. So you can select all the spammers you want. Under the member select link are some radio buttons.

Delete pruned user posts: Removes posts made by deleted users, has no effect if users are deactivated.

Click: Yes

Deactivate or delete: Choose whether to deactivate users or delete them entirely. Please note that deleted users cannot be restored!

Click: Delete

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Does "Delete" user also delete post? (For spammers, this is desirable) Also, phpBB 3 (3.0.13 for me) the select member link is called Find A Member, and it's about mid-page, under the multi-user-name box. – Olie Oct 27 '15 at 14:35

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