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I recently provisioned a Node SmartMachine on Joyent's free development platform. I'm having trouble getting my Node server to listen to any port other than 80.

This works:

server.listen( 80 );

When I visit http://[my machine], I see my expected output.

However, if I try:

server.listen( 3000 );

and visit the page on the corresponding port, I'll get something like "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to [my machine]"

I haven't found anything useful on Does anyone have any insights into what I'm missing?

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If you ssh in there (like you would do in a normal VPS), you can start apps on different ports also, but not through their git-deployment system (which will auto start your app only on port 80). I actually did that and know for a fact it works.

Look at this:

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I have tried to set this up on another port, however, without much success. Can you give me some more details, thanks. – Sheldon Jan 31 '12 at 11:14

Well chances are that Joyent did not allow connections from port other than 80.

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