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I am experienced to some extent with Android mobile phone programming; but, I must admit that I am always learning.

I am working on a project involving HTC Desire HD mobile phones running Android version 2.3.5 Gingerbread.

Through my research I have gathered that sometimes you have to have specific knowledge related to your mobile phone and m.p. OS version to get something like Bluetooth to work properly. I have the following queries:

I am writing a program for my phone using the Eclipse IDE.

  1. I want my program to be interrupted by a broadcast of an incoming Bluetooth connection. A BroadcastReceiver will then execute its onReceive event and the intent will be filtered to be an attempted incoming Bluetooth connection to my phone. Is this possible given my phone model and Android version?
  2. Please can you send me example code or documents that will help me to programmatically connect, send and receive data over a Bluetooth connection given my phone model and Android version (both sending and receiving phones have the same specifications as above)?

Any information regarding internet sites etc: incl. forums, books, commercial and non-commercial sdk's (API's), chat rooms etc. would be most welcome. I have tried HTC development website and HTC Customer Service Chat UK, but these are slow and I need an answer quick especially with as much technical support documentation as possible asap.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Warmest regards,


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Yes its possible.

The above answer has some great info.

If you want checkout my github project that allows you to pair and send messages to an Arduino Micro Controller over bluetooth. My project is designed to control relays but may help you.


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I work at an open source training company. One of our Android instructors put together this detailed tutorial on developing Bluetooth apps for Android (specifically Bluetooth Smart/LE). Of course, he's working with Android 4.3, but you might find something useful there: https://thenewcircle.com/s/post/1553/bluetooth_smart_le_android_tutorial

Also, tons of good Android resources up here: https://thenewcircle.com/s/tags/android

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