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What is the antonyms of "parsing" in terms of XML document.

For Example:

  • When you are reading an XML file by using DOM parser, it is called "Parsing".
  • When you create an XML file by using DOM parser, what does it called?
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Serialization. Deflation. Composing. Storing. Freezing. Persisting.

Marshalling is a similar concept, but it might be instructive to know the differences..

In objective-c serialization is known as archiving.

Python pickles.

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+1 for marshalling – poundifdef May 22 '09 at 15:15

I've been told: Composing

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Parsing, also called loading, is a synonym for deserializing, i.e. converting an arbitrary input to an easily readable/manipulable form.

Therefore, you can't create a new document with a DOM parser. However, complete DOM implementations contain mechanisms to generate(or construct) and serialize(or save) XML documents.

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Serialisation is the process of converting a DOM tree to something for output (text, file, etc).

I've heard composition, generation and construction as terms for the actual 'building' of the new DOM tree.

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