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I am making an application in MVC3, i am storing a string in database in this format

 <a href='path'>Text</a> Happy

The field is saving properly but i have to display it in web page with hyper link like

Text Happy

but currently it is showing like

 <a href='path'>Text</a> Happy

How can i render this string as HTML on web page?

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Maybe these aren't user-generated html fragments in your case, but make sure you understand the risks of script injection when you're doing this. – Chris Farmer Jan 24 '12 at 6:38
So you are making a mistake in "get text from db" method (MrObvious). Can you paste your code to here? – Lost_In_Library Jan 24 '12 at 6:42
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If you're using the Razor template engine:

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If you are using Razor you can use @Html.Raw() as per Phil Haack's quick reference

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its better you Encode HTML before storing it to database.. If you're using .Net Framework 4 try this

String TestString = "This is a <Test String>.";
String EncodedString = Server.HtmlEncode(TestString);

See msdn

Otherwise use anti xss library

Its workes like a magic and really easy to implement.. Un-Encoded is not only dangerous as it can cause XSS attacks but it also causes problems with rendering on html fornt page.

Hope it helps..

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I would really advice against doing that because it's very hard to guard against script injection problems.

That being said though, if you think that can be managed, you should be able to use @Html.Raw to render the text without escaping.

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If you are not using razor,

and string text = "<a href='path'>Text</a> Happy";

Then you want <%= text %>, not <%: text %>

As others have said, this is not considered great practice due to HTML injection, but it seems HTML injection is your intention.

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Sorry but i am using Razor – Syed Salman Raza Zaidi Jan 24 '12 at 6:47

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