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I am new to the development of MULE.I want to choice route a method which is having 3 paremeters(integer,date,date).How to give expression in this case.

This is what I have done till now.

<component class="Sample" />
            <when expression="????????????"evaluator="groovy">
                <vm:outbound-endpoint path="internal queue" exchange-pattern="request-response"/>
            <when expression="payload instanceof java.lang.Exception" evaluator="groovy">
                <vm:outbound-endpoint path="userErrorHandler" exchange-pattern="request-response"/>

Thanks in advance

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you could do expression="payload.field == somevalue" in the when expression.

Also the choice won't work without <otherwise> i know!!!

so use as below

   <when expression="payload.field == somevalue" evaluator="groovy">
     <vm:outbound-endpoint path="internal queue" exchange-pattern="request-response"/>

Or you could use

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According to the v3.3 documentation, you can leave the otherwise tag off (will throw an exception if none of the choices match) -- not sure if this was ever different –  Attila Jul 5 '12 at 17:30

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