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I succesfully installed DNN on my PC and it perfectly works by the url: http://localhost/dotnetnuke

So I created new site localhost/test2 in DNN and try to run it http://localhost/test2

it says: HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

So, as I understand my alias is wrong, what alias should I set up to run site on my localhost ?


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Using your existing configuration, you simply need to add another Virtual Directory to IIS pointing /test2 to the exactly same folder that /DotNetNuke is pointing to.

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See my answer here

1) On any machine that you need to access the test sites, Edit C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts to include:    A    B

2) Set the portal alias of site A to "A"

3) Set the portal alias of site B to "B"

4) Access site A via http://A/

5) Access site B via http://B/

6) Edit the bindings of your IIS Site to include "B" and "A" host headers


  • If you have a local domain controller, you can probably tell it to resolve "A" and "B" to the proper IP.
  • I use this same method on our dev machines, but I've yet to include multiple portals on the same DNN installation. I am assuming this will work.
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