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In a Grails 1.1 plugin, I'm trying to load a class from the main application using the following code:

class MyClass {
  static Map getCustomConfig(String configName){
    return new ConfigSlurper().

Where configName is the name of the class in $MAIN_APP/grails-app/conf containing the configuration info. However, when the code above runs within a unit test applicationHolder.application returns null, causing the method above to throw a NullPointerException. A Grails JIRA issue was created for this problem, but it has been marked as fixed despite the fact that problem appears to still exist.

I know that within the plugin descriptor class I can access the main application (an instance of GrailsApplication) via the implicit application variable. But the code shown above is in not in the plugin descriptor.

Is there a way that I can load a class from the main application within a plugin (but outside the plugin descriptor)?

Thanks, Don

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It turns out there are 2 possible answers.

The Right Answer

GrailsApplication is not available in unit tests, so for the code above to work it should be an integration test

The Hack that Works




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