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I wrote a function which is supposed to return an array of clubs for userId. I don't know why by when I add where(Model_ClubUsers::$USERS_ID,$userId) to dsql() it doesn't set the condition and I have to use addCondition(), but I need it only in this function. Is there a way to delete the condition before function returns?

function getUserClubs($userId){
    $columns = array('id',self::$NAME,self::$LOGO_NAME,self::$DESC);
    $this->addRelatedEntity('club_users', 'club_users', Model_ClubUsers::$CLUBS_ID, 'inner', 'related');
    $aAliasedColumns = $this->getAliasedColumns($columns, $this->entity_code);
    $rows = $this->dsql()->field($aAliasedColumns)->do_getAll();
    $aResult = array() ;
    foreach($rows as $key => $value){
        foreach($value as $vKey => $vVal){
                $aRow['key'] = $vVal;
            }else if($columns[$vKey]==self::$LOGO_NAME){
                $aRow[$columns[$vKey]] = self::$CLUBS_LOGO_PATH.$vVal;
            else {
                $aRow[$columns[$vKey]] = $vVal;
        $aResult[] = $aRow;
    return $aResult;
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addCondition() placed in init() function of a model, will always be executed and can be considered a global condition. If you add condition manually in a function, then it's not gonna be global. Calling dsql() returns dsql() object which has nothing do do with model anymore. Subsequently calling where() should affect that object only. –  romaninsh Jan 24 '12 at 14:52

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Please upgrade to 4.2 where the problem is no longer present:

$x=clone $this;

also your syntax can be probably improved with the new 4.2 features.

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update this ticket with how 4.2 now solved this. –  jancha Apr 23 '12 at 11:53
yes, starting with 4.2 agile toolkit models are clone-safe. –  romaninsh Apr 23 '12 at 21:55

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