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I'm struggling with autoit regression tests in my work. If i get it right, autoit was chosen at project start because requirement was 100% blackbox GUI testing (no intervention to tested project). This solution have nevertheless some issues, with which i need help.

  • Changing tabs in application (because GUI class isn't SysTabControl32, but SWT_Window) so easy sample codes (from AutoitInstallFolder/Include/GUITab.au3) doesn't work. Current solution is focusing on component an than navigation through tabs with arrow keys. (This solution have a bad influence on test performance and i don't want even imagine that in future will be some tab in a row disabled)

  • Timeouts - i.e. when tabs are changing, tests have to delay before they can proceed. More short the delay is, the bigger is probability of test failure (app wasn't ready for test to continue) this leads to big delays before actions.

  • Instance numbers - when identifying instances of controls there is a problem. For example, when a wrote some test button OK in form have instance number 9. Then some buttons were added to form an now i have to rewrite test, because instance number of OK button have changed.

This three are the most important.

Changing technology of testing would be hard because of big amount of already written tests. Bud i would like to write new test in better way. I had a look at SWTBot and Sikuli. But Sikuli have problem with getting text FROM screen and SWTBot seems to need have additional dependencies in tested project.

When we run our tests, they are running for 20 hours. Also when GUI layout changes, there is need to edit almost every test (instance number problem).

Can anybody suggest a solution? Know any of you some walkaround of these problems or some ultra suitable solution for SWT blackbox testing?

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I partly figure out the "tab" problem. I hard-wired coordinates of each tab into tests and now i use MouseClick method to activate them. It's faster but less general. – UltraMaster Jan 24 '12 at 12:48

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