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i have to customize tinymce and have such problems with that... my problem is, that all default text should be wrapped within a span and p tag.

e.g.: <p><span>My Text</span></p>

if i will add formatting it should be changed to e.g.: <p><span style="font-weight:bold;">My Text</span></p>

tinymce should not remove the span or p tag if i will change the text or save the html output...

is such a scenario possible? has anybody a hint for me, to find the correct places in tinymce?

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You will need to set the settings valid_children and valid_elements accordingly

    valid_elements: "@[id|class|title|style|onmouseover]," +
    "a[name|href|target|title|alt]," +
    "#p,blockquote,-ol,-ul,-li,br,img[src|height|width],-sub,-sup,-b,-i,-u," +

    valid_children: "body[p|ol|ul]" +
    ",p[a|span|b|i|u|sup|sub|img|hr|#text]" +
    ",span[p|a|b|i|u|sup|sub|img|#text]" +
    ",a[span|b|i|u|sup|sub|img|#text]" +
    ",b[span|a|i|u|sup|sub|img|#text]" +
    ",i[span|a|b|u|sup|sub|img|#text]" +
    ",sup[span|a|i|b|u|sub|img|#text]" +
    ",sub[span|a|i|b|u|sup|img|#text]" +
    ",li[span|a|b|i|u|sup|sub|img|ol|ul|#text]" +
    ",ol[li]" +

Second you will need to take care of the wrapping in spans yourself using the setup config parameter and a handler. The other option is to write an own plugin and handle this there. Let me know if you are able to make it work. If not come back and ask.

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Jesus this question has gone unanswered for a while. Don't know if you are still looking for an answer but the best approach is to find the config file for tinyMCE and add to the list of accepted tags. I had to do this for frames and it worked fine!

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+1 this is almost correct, there is still the problem to have all text wrapped in spans – Thariama Jul 2 '12 at 8:30

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