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I need to replace some legacy table with view. How to specify column types in view? E.g. old table contains columns int(10) unsigned. My view replaces it with int(11) and cast(mycolumn as unsigned) converts it to int(11) unsigned. But old .net-application generates an error during type conversion (I can not modify it to fix this error). What can I do?

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I didn't ever hear there was a way to specify manually data type for view columns in any known DB (oracle, mssql, mysql, postgres). It's calculating automatically based either on data types of real table column which is beeing selected or on some function, e.g. CAST like in you case. So the solution may be in using casting.

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I understand, but standard casting in Mysql is not enough flexible to do what I need. May be there is any solution with stored procedure or another way –  maxs Jan 24 '12 at 12:17

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