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I have the following in a shell Perl script:

my @LS  = `ls -1t /logs/log.csv.*`;
foreach my $line (@LS) {

This works fine if there actually is one or more log.csv.* files.

But if no log file exists I get the error: ls: cannot access...

Can I somehow suppress this warning as the shell script is a cron script and it is OK if there are no files?

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Do it all in Perl, including reverse sort by last modified timestamp:

In this example I also made it so it does "stat" on each file only once.

my @LS = glob('/logs/log.csv.*');

my @mtimes = map { (stat)[9] } @LS;

my @sorted_indexes = sort { $mtimes[$b] <=> $mtimes[$a] } 0 .. $#mtimes;

foreach my $line ( @LS[ @sorted_indexes ] ) {
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Use the glob function instead:

my @LS = glob('/logs/log.csv.*');
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If he is going on standard log files that probably works fine, but I do notice he has include the -t flag for sorting on modification time so that could potentially cause some issues depending on what he is trying to accomplish. Still, upvote for keeping it in perl! – Ilion Jan 24 '12 at 10:19
@Ilion: You're right. – Toto Jan 24 '12 at 10:27

You want to redirect the error output to /dev/null:

my @LS  = `ls -1t /logs/log.csv.* 2>/dev/null`;
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If you don't care about the order just use [glob][glob].

my @LS = glob('/logs/log.csv.*');

If you need it to be sorted by modified time like the command in the question, you could use a Schwartzian transform.

my @LS = map{
  } sort{
    $a->[1] <=> $b->[1]
  } map{
    [$_, (stat)[9] ] # mtime
  } glob('/logs/log.csv.*');

for my $line ( @LS ) {
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