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escapeXml function is converting ѭ Ѯ to ѭ Ѯ which I guess it should not. What I read is that it Supports only the five basic XML entities (gt, lt, quot, amp, apos).

Is there a function that only converts these five basic xml entities.

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public String escapeXml(String s) {
    return s.replaceAll("&", "&amp;").replaceAll(">", "&gt;").replaceAll("<", "&lt;").replaceAll("\"", "&quot;").replaceAll("'", "&apos;");
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The javadoc for the 3.1 version of the library says:

Note that Unicode characters greater than 0x7f are as of 3.0, no longer escaped. If you still wish this functionality, you can achieve it via the following: StringEscapeUtils.ESCAPE_XML.with( NumericEntityEscaper.between(0x7f, Integer.MAX_VALUE) );

So you probably use an older version of the library. Update your dependencies (or reimplement the escape yourself: it's not rocket science)

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