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This starts off as an Android question but I think becomes a linux/cygwin question.

The Android ndk is shipped with an unsuitable version of awk - definitive report here - so I'm trying to get cygwin to accept that I don't want to use the ndk awk, but to use nawk or gawk instead.

Bearing in mind I know nothing about linux/cygwin, these are my discoveries:

The first part of the question has already been answered here so I know I need to rename the existing awk as awk_ so it isn't picked up (done). And I need to set the cygwin environment variable HOST_AWk to gawk (or nawk - both of which are supplied with cygwin). The easy way to do this (for me) is to set that environment variable in Windows - then when cygwin runs it imports all the environment stuff from Windows.

So I think I know what to do, but the value of HOST_AWK doesn't seem to be picked up when I try to do a build either directly in eclipse (build all) or in cygwin from bash:

Barry@BARRY /cygdrive/c/data/eclipse/camfeeda/jni
$ ndk-build
make: awk: Command not found
Android NDK: Host 'awk' tool is outdated. Please define HOST_AWK to point to Gawk or Nawk !
/cygdrive/c/DATA/eclipse/android/android-ndk-r7/build/core/init.mk:258: *** Android NDK: Aborting.    .  Stop.

Barry@BARRY /cygdrive/c/data/eclipse/camfeeda/jni
$ printenv HOST_AWK

As you see I have set HOST_AWK to gawk.exe in the correct location, but I've tried:


And I've tried using forward slashes in case that was the problem, but I still get the same error :(

I feel as if I am so close, but I can't make the last step. Why won't ndk-build read the environment variable HOST_AWK and do the dratted job?! Can anyone put me out of my misery?

Many thanks


Edit: I also tried:


etc, but no joy.


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Why do you need to set HOST_AWK? For me it's just deleting/renaming awk.exe that is shipped with ndk-r7. And they everything works, no need for setting HOST_AWK env.variable. –  Mārtiņš Možeiko Jan 24 '12 at 16:44
OMG it works. Thank you Mārtiņš (Also Tom Johnson who helped offline). Mārtiņš make that an official answer and I'll accept it formally. –  Barry Jan 24 '12 at 17:10

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For me it's just deleting/renaming awk.exe that is shipped with ndk-r7. And they everything works. No need for setting HOST_AWK env variable.

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Many thanks. I now get another error after gawk runs - make seems to be crashing out later on, but one glitch at a time! B. –  Barry Jan 24 '12 at 22:10

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