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I am creating a regex library to work with HTML (I'll post it on MSDN Code when it's done). One of the methods removes any whitespace before a closing tag.

<p>See the dog run </p>

It would eliminate the space before the closing paragraph. I am using this:

    public static string RemoveWhiteSpaceBeforeClosingTag(string text)
        string pattern = @"(\s+)(?:</)";
        return Regex.Replace(text, pattern, "</", Singleline | IgnoreCase);

As you can see I am replacing the spaces with </ since I cannot seem to match just the space and exclude the closing tag. I know there's a way - I just haven't figured it out.

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FYI, both the Singleline and IgnoreCase modifiers are irrelevant, as there are no dots or letters in the regex. –  Alan Moore May 22 '09 at 22:19
Ahh. that makes sense. Thanks. –  Tony Basallo Jun 1 '09 at 19:13

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is that expression you're after. It means one or more white-space characters followed by

That all being said, regular expressions are a flaky and error-prone way of processing HTML so should be used with caution if at all.

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That was it - thanks. I wish there was an alternative to processing the HTML I'm getting. You should have seen the IndexOf and LastIndexOf code that this is replacing 8-\ –  Tony Basallo May 22 '09 at 16:00

You want a lookahead (?=) pattern:


That can be replaced with ""

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